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Mobile games have certainly become very popular in the last decade. You can find games in any genre with top-notch graphics and storylines. But there is a market in the gaming industry that has been popular since the arrival of the very first computer games.

Yes, you guessed it right the racing games. When it comes to smartphones, you can find many racing games leading the charts. Carx Apk is one of the top-rated racing games developed by CarX Technologies.

They have plenty of racing games for Android, but Carx Street is getting a lot of hype being a recent release from the developers. In this article, we will see what the game is all about and the all-new features of the game.

What is Carx Apk?

Carx Apk is a new addition to the list of popular racing developers Carx. They have a good portfolio of racing games that you can play on your smartphone. Famous for their high-end graphics and good storyline you can find the games that suit your preference.

Carx Apk is based on the street concept with some new great features. It gives you the dynamic of being a street racer and the explore the open world of street racing. The plot is based in a city where you can perform races on highways and city streets.

Moreover, you can also do drift racing like we have in the popular Carx Drift racing games. This was just the introduction let’s check all the features of the game in detail.

CarX Features

Career Mode: The Carx apk has a career mode that has some of the best features that you need in a racing game. You can join different clubs and take part in races in the city which will build your repo. This will help you establish yourself as the best racer.

You can also upgrade your car to its full potential and take part in races to see the results. Moreover, in the career mode, you can also buy houses and make a collection of cars for different race modes.

Improved Car Tuning: The game comes with a set of modification tools that you can use to tune your cars for perfection. The Carx apk has the most improved car tuning among all the Carx racing games.

You get a detailed car-building system where you can build your cars from scratch. And even modify them to their full potential. It gives you the ability to swap out the parts of your cars for a particular race.

You can upgrade the engine, suspension, transmission, body, and tires to their full potential. Additionally, there are some visual tuning features as well like mirrors, headlights, bumper, rims, skirts, etc which can give your car an all-unique look.

Realistic Visuals: The Carx apk has some of the top-notch visuals that you can get in a racing game. It features highly detailed cars and a mesmerizing gaming environment that will make you indulge in the game completely.

The music and different theme songs also compliments the visual graphics making a perfect mix. The graphics and visuals are something really that makes this game apart from any other racing game.

The perfect detailing done at different places shows us the amount of effort put into the visuals, which makes it stand out as one of the best racing games.

Street Racing: The main highlight of this game is the street racing mode. With Carx Apk you can experience the world of street racing. It has a dynamic day/night feature which makes the street racing pretty realistic.

It has a bigger map compared to the previous games, so there is a lot to explore in the open world of Carx. You can take part in street racing and gather experience to even further upgrade your cars and build a portfolio.

App Screenshot

Android Smartphone Screenshots

How to Install Carx APK?

  1. Download the APK file of CarX from here.
  2. Give permission to install from Unknown Sources in Setting > Security > Allow Unknown Sources.
  3. Click on the APK file.
  4. Then Click on the Install button.
  5. After complete installation click on the Open button.


Q. Is Carx game is Free?

Ans. Yes, Carx is completely free, you don’t have to pay any amount to use it.

Q. How much GB is CarX Android?

Ans. You need around 4GB space to use it.

Q. How to download CarX Street for Android apk?

Ans. By clicking above download button you can download it easily.

Q. Is CarX Street offline?

Ans. Yes, you can use it offline also, but mainly it is online.

Q. Is Carx is available of iPhone users?

Ans. Yes, Carx street is available for Android and iPhone users. 

Q. Does CarX Street drain the battery?

Ans. It depends on your use.

Q. What types of racing modes are available in CarX apk?

Ans. Carx Apk is comes with various mods such as Time Attack, Drift, and Racing.

Q. Can I play CarX apk with my friends?

Ans. Yes, CarX have multiplayer mode you can connect with your friends.


Carx Apk is a new addition to the racing games from Carx developers. But this time they have come up with something new. The Carx apk is a street racing game witht a bunch of new featyres. Some of these features include an all-new street racing mode.

You can upgrade your cars and modify them to their full potential. In short, the Carx apk has everything that you need in a modern racing game with better graphics and features.